Garage Door Repair Services- Common Garage Door problems

One very common garage door repair problem that almost everyone has faced with their garage door is transmitter problems. The garage doors have transmitters that allow remote control operation of the door. Since the door will almost always be opened with the remote control then transmitters pose common garage door problems. If you find that the door will not operate with the remote control or the keypad then it is highly likely it is a transmitter problem. There are many causes of transmitter problems.

The first problem could simply be because you are out of range of transmission. Garage doors come with different transmitter combos that have different transmission ranges. If you try and it doesn’t work try moving closer to the door to see if it works. If you want to be able to operate the door from a further distance for instance before pulling up at the drive way, you might need to change the frequency that the door operates at. If you are in range and the door still doesn’t work, then it is time to check the antenna. The antenna should be hanging freely from the motor inside the garage door and there should be nothing obstructing it. If the antenna is obstructed remove anything on its way and try using the remote again.

Also, check to ensure that the antenna is not damaged in any way. If you notice any damage to the antenna, call your garage door repair professional to change the antenna for you. The third common cause of transmitter problems is dead batteries in the remote or keypad. If you find that the door operates well with the wall switch it might simply be the remote needs new batteries. Another problem with the transmission might be because the remote or the keypad requires to be reprogrammed for proper operation. There are different ways to reprogram your remote or keypad so you might need to consult a professional or use the instruction manual sold with your remote.

When all these issues have been checked and taken care of the door transmission should work perfectly all the time.


Garage Door Repair Services – Common Garage Door Problems

A small garage door problem might cause you to end up fixing the entire functionality of your door. Because of the continuous opening and closing of the garage door, frequent maintenance of the door is recommended. There are some repairs that you can’t handle on your own though some you can fix by yourself.

The earlier you detect the issue and repair it, the lesser it will cause damage and cost you. Below are some of the common garage door problems:

  1. The Door Opener Won’t Work

This is one of the common problems for most garage door owners, and it can be fixed easily. Garage door openers operated using chain or drive screw could probably not work properly because they could need lubrication to minimize friction. A generous amount should be applied to the opener’s full length and excess wiped off. Use garage door spray lube or silicone-based lubricant for the best outcome.

  1. Grinding Noise that is Annoying

Squeaky, shabby and loose hardware are the major sources of noises. In general, all noises coming from your garage door is a clear indication of need to lubricate it. Whenever you notice any annoying or unusual noise from your garage door, don’t hesitate to directly apply lubrication on the squeaky part of your door.

  1. Cracks and Gaps

Cracks are common mostly on garage doors made from wood. To prevent cracks from occurring or worsening, it is advisable to use sealant or waterproof fillers to seal the already existing cracks.

  1. Broken Weather Sealant

The function of a weather sealant is to keep water out, minimize noise from the streets and seal air leaks. Noticing seams or cracks is a clear sign of breaking of weather sealant; therefore, its replacement is needed. The old and already worn-out weather sealant should be replaced with a new one. They are always readily-available in the market or at the local hardware store next to your home.


Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Most instructions for replacing garage door springs are always meant for Do-It-Yourself or for people who service small industrial or commercial doors. Your broken garage springs might be different from what can be used to instruct you. However, some parts of the instructions may be helpful to you.

Avoid replacing your springs using standard instructions because some of them can give you inaccurate directions which might cost you money and time. Garage doors made of wood, being heavy can cause damage to the opener. Operating with broken springs could cause a bend on top of your garage door.

Having made the decision of replacing your garage door springs, make sure your garage door had the correct springs. Have the measurements of your springs before replacing. There’s always difficulty experienced in measuring garage door springs. Even the garage door technicians find it hard to measure the springs. However, it is necessary to know that ordering incorrect spring would waste your money and time.

If you have doubts if your garage door has the correct springs, it is recommended to weigh your does using analog weighing scale. Research shows that there’s an estimation of 10% of garage doors having incorrect springs on them. However, most manufacturers make 20 pound spring doors.


It is always important to be cautious when having your garage door being replaced. Garage door replacement process can be harmful because the springs are under tension. Not using the safe and correct procedures and right tools could make you lose your limbs, hands or even life. Property can as well be damaged during the process.

Your business should not be at the expense of your well-being. It is your responsibility to do the job in the right way. In cases where you aren’t sure about your capabilities to change your springs safely, it is always recommended to hire professionals to repair your broken garage springs. Your safety should always be a priority followed by work.