Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Most instructions for replacing garage door springs are always meant for Do-It-Yourself or for people who service small industrial or commercial doors. Your broken garage springs might be different from what can be used to instruct you. However, some parts of the instructions may be helpful to you.

Avoid replacing your springs using standard instructions because some of them can give you inaccurate directions which might cost you money and time. Garage doors made of wood, being heavy can cause damage to the opener. Operating with broken springs could cause a bend on top of your garage door.

Having made the decision of replacing your garage door springs, make sure your garage door had the correct springs. Have the measurements of your springs before replacing. There’s always difficulty experienced in measuring garage door springs. Even the garage door technicians find it hard to measure the springs. However, it is necessary to know that ordering incorrect spring would waste your money and time.

If you have doubts if your garage door has the correct springs, it is recommended to weigh your does using analog weighing scale. Research shows that there’s an estimation of 10% of garage doors having incorrect springs on them. However, most manufacturers make 20 pound spring doors.


It is always important to be cautious when having your garage door being replaced. Garage door replacement process can be harmful because the springs are under tension. Not using the safe and correct procedures and right tools could make you lose your limbs, hands or even life. Property can as well be damaged during the process.

Your business should not be at the expense of your well-being. It is your responsibility to do the job in the right way. In cases where you aren’t sure about your capabilities to change your springs safely, it is always recommended to hire professionals to repair your broken garage springs. Your safety should always be a priority followed by work.