Garage Door Repair Services- Common Garage Door problems

One very common garage door repair problem that almost everyone has faced with their garage door is transmitter problems. The garage doors have transmitters that allow remote control operation of the door. Since the door will almost always be opened with the remote control then transmitters pose common garage door problems. If you find that the door will not operate with the remote control or the keypad then it is highly likely it is a transmitter problem. There are many causes of transmitter problems.

The first problem could simply be because you are out of range of transmission. Garage doors come with different transmitter combos that have different transmission ranges. If you try and it doesn’t work try moving closer to the door to see if it works. If you want to be able to operate the door from a further distance for instance before pulling up at the drive way, you might need to change the frequency that the door operates at. If you are in range and the door still doesn’t work, then it is time to check the antenna. The antenna should be hanging freely from the motor inside the garage door and there should be nothing obstructing it. If the antenna is obstructed remove anything on its way and try using the remote again.

Also, check to ensure that the antenna is not damaged in any way. If you notice any damage to the antenna, call your garage door repair professional to change the antenna for you. The third common cause of transmitter problems is dead batteries in the remote or keypad. If you find that the door operates well with the wall switch it might simply be the remote needs new batteries. Another problem with the transmission might be because the remote or the keypad requires to be reprogrammed for proper operation. There are different ways to reprogram your remote or keypad so you might need to consult a professional or use the instruction manual sold with your remote.

When all these issues have been checked and taken care of the door transmission should work perfectly all the time.