Garage Door Repair Services – Common Garage Door Problems

A small garage door problem might cause you to end up fixing the entire functionality of your door. Because of the continuous opening and closing of the garage door, frequent maintenance of the door is recommended. There are some repairs that you can’t handle on your own though some you can fix by yourself.

The earlier you detect the issue and repair it, the lesser it will cause damage and cost you. Below are some of the common garage door problems:

  1. The Door Opener Won’t Work

This is one of the common problems for most garage door owners, and it can be fixed easily. Garage door openers operated using chain or drive screw could probably not work properly because they could need lubrication to minimize friction. A generous amount should be applied to the opener’s full length and excess wiped off. Use garage door spray lube or silicone-based lubricant for the best outcome.

  1. Grinding Noise that is Annoying

Squeaky, shabby and loose hardware are the major sources of noises. In general, all noises coming from your garage door is a clear indication of need to lubricate it. Whenever you notice any annoying or unusual noise from your garage door, don’t hesitate to directly apply lubrication on the squeaky part of your door.

  1. Cracks and Gaps

Cracks are common mostly on garage doors made from wood. To prevent cracks from occurring or worsening, it is advisable to use sealant or waterproof fillers to seal the already existing cracks.

  1. Broken Weather Sealant

The function of a weather sealant is to keep water out, minimize noise from the streets and seal air leaks. Noticing seams or cracks is a clear sign of breaking of weather sealant; therefore, its replacement is needed. The old and already worn-out weather sealant should be replaced with a new one. They are always readily-available in the market or at the local hardware store next to your home.